2.deň: skialp túra na Zbojničku, 30.3.2017

Itinerary: Popradské Pleso – Východná Železná Brána – Kačacia dolina – Litvorova dolina – Prielom – Zbojnická chata

Today the weather was totally different than yesterday. A bit colder and in the night snow little bit in higher elevations. We start skiing up to Východna Železná Brána and the were still some broken clouds. When we arrive at cool it was completely foggy.

I made a anchor point and start lower down Stano – my fiend who lives in Canada first. Upper section was ice but it was not that bed. Ones I lower all of them down I down  climb to them. We put a ski on and I was very surprised that skiing was very good.

Down bellow were some technical sections were we slow a down little bit. We made it no problem all the way where we start to ski again. Skiing was still very good.Then it was a quite a long ascent to cool Prielom. In this valley conditions were totally different. Icy and without ski crampons it would be impossible to walk. We made it all the way to cool and surprisingly other side of cool was good for skiing. We enjoy skiing all the way to Zbojnicka chata were we finish tour with beer. It was a challenging day but we enjoyed it a lot.

Miki Knižka, mountain guide

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