3.deň: skialp túra zo Zbojnickej chaty na Téryho chatu, 31.3.2017


After very challenging day today is day why we do ski touring. Typical spring conditions in the night temperature goes under zero and trough the day way a above. We enjoy morning and breakfast and start little late.

First accent was to cool Závrat – skiing was very amazing on corn snow. We enjoy skiing and want a ski more. We travers under Javorovy peak and went to Javorove sedlo to do our second run. Again great skiing. Next run was on Strelecké Polia in about 3 PM but skiing was still amazing. After 3 nice runs we climb up to Priečne sedlo and decent to Teryho chata for beer.

We had a another amazing day in High Tatras.

Miki Knižka, mountain guide

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