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Courses of Mountain Pro Guiding

The best way how to get to know many places in mountains is to take the course with a professional.

We will be glad to share our experiences with you. Our offer may be interesting for those who want to learn something new about trips to mountains.

The courses are led by the mountain guide who has the certificate UIAGM with international experiences.

The courses are divided into two basic parts including the winter and the summer part.


Moving in a rocky terrain, sport and rock climbing. Working with rope and climbing equipment, orientation in terrain, reading from map and terrain and afterwards practicing.
We offer bike-tours in national parks, tours in the caves in Slovakia, organizing of company games and courses in the wild nature.


The basic and the advanced avalanche course , moving on snow on foot, but also on snowshoes and mainly on skis. The secrets of alpine skiing, freeriding will be revealed to you and for more challenging ones we offer climbing on ice and accents to winter peaks.

You can find the offer of all courses in the left side menu.