MUDr. Ivan Žila, PhD., mountain guide UIAGM

I am a climber. I like that movement “hold to the grip and rest on the stand.” There was a word at the beginning and it was “Climb!” Through rocks in Blatnica, Manín, Vtáčnik or Súľov it got to Tatras, later to Alps and to Karakoram.
And so I was climbing, actually we were climbing together with my friends and fellows.

You have to share so much joy and experience with somebody, and we did it together. In Arc, in Chamonix, in Tatras. On rocks, on ice on powder snow but also on firn. On bivouacs, on skis, in valleys but also on ridges, on competitions but also after them.

Today I as mountain guide can assist you and would like to help you to experience something like that. Safely and professionally. And with pleasure.

I was born in Martin 29 of July 1975

Climbing: RP up to 9+, OS up to 8+ UIAA

Mountain climbing: many ascents to the peaks in the High Tatras,(in winter, also in summer), in Alps, up to 8 OS.

Ski mountaineering: Ridge crossings in Mala and Velka Fatra, Nizke Tatry, Zapadne Tatry, difficult crossings in the High Tatras, downhill runs for example: V wall of Krivan, JV wall of Vysoka, SZ wall of Rysy, JV rib of Mlynar and others, competitions – 3rd place in MS B cat. in the High Tatras.

Expeditions: doctor and active member of the expedition to Karakoram – 2004

Other: Member of HK Exkrement Martin, administrator and co-administrator of Slovak Cup in bouldering, photographer and member of editorial staff of magazine Jamesak, member of VV SHS JAMES, chairman of board of alpinism SHS JAMES
other interests: volleyball, MTB, literature, movies, good wine

The best path: Psenica, 8+, Blatnica

The best climbing area: Arco, Ceredo and of course Blatnica

The best mountain climbing area: Chamonix, Courmayeur

The best peak: Maly Fatransky, Krivan, Grand Capucin

The best ski mountaineering area: Mala Fatra

Credo of life: maybe the “zeppelin one …to be a rock and not to roll”

This is also available in: Polish, Slovak