Baranie rohy 2526m
Baranie rohy (Ram Horns) are a great High Tatras summit suitable even for less experienced tourists accompanied by a mountain guide. The views from the top are as beautiful as from higher Tatras peaks - Zelene pleso (green lake) right underneath you yet 1000m lower, Pysny and Ladovy peaks, and views of the ascent route up Prostredny hrot on the opposite side of the valley.
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Climb Baranie rohy with mountain guide

Client/guide: max. 3 guests

315 € / 3 guests (only in summer)
280 € / 2 guests (in winter only 2 guest)
260 € / 1 guest

Climb length: 8 h

Altitude gain: 1250 m from Hrebienok

– easier but technical terrain with exposure
– good physical conditioning and some experience with mountaineering

Climbing Baranie rohy

The ascent begins at Hrebienok and goes up Mala Studena Valley to Baranie sedlo (ram col). From there, our mountain guide will lead you to the summit through some easier technical sections. Descent retraces the ascent route.

Baranie rohy are nicely located above Mala Studena Valley and Velka Zmrzla Valley. It is a two-peak summit of about the same hight – SW summit being the main. The main characteristic of this mountain is its “high plateau” referred to as Barania gallery (ram’s gallery) that is located above the steep SW face.

History and conquering of the peak Baranie rohy

It is expected that the first climbers that reached the summit of Baranie rohy were around the year 1930.

This is also available in: Polish, Slovak

Location map for Baranie rohy