Dusan Leskovjansky, Mountain guide UIAGM

We are back from our trip to Gerlachovsky Stit and we were absolutely delighted. Dusan turned out to be brilliant guide and we are very happy with the service he provided.


I think yesterday I had one of my best day in my life: the weather was best, what I saw at the top of Gerlach is something that I can not easily describe by words! Rock climbing was so scary and tough to me, but the guide was so good to lead me, and as a result, this experience is now one of my treasure. I had only good things in my mind whole day yesterday.

So I really thank you!

Katsuya Kitahara

Back home from excellent tour in High Tatras with great company of our mountain guides! Many thanks for all arrangements done for us. We got very all-round ski-touring including great skinning, climbing with skis on backpack, scrambling on snow, great downhills, avalance training etc.! Maybe I’ll consider Gerlach ones more but now in summer time…J All the best to you and forward our positive feedback.

Ikka, Finland

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