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Mountain guides – High Tatras, Slovakia

Realize your secret adventurous dreams – tell us about them and we will help you to make them happen.

» Climb High Tatras peaks with a certified mountain guide

Mountain guide is confidence and safety for a client in the mountains. He is also a teacher, a companion, and the closest friend in the wild environments.

For many years, a mountain guide and a client form a tie which binds them together by the need of one for the other. One couldn not exist without the other!

Our company prides itself for such strong bonds with our clients that constantly provide new experiences over many years. With Mountain Pro Guiding you can visit mountains on all continents, enjoy the adventure of getting to know new beautiful places, and to try new sport activities that will challenge you.

We are here for you not only in summer, but also in winter, on high peaks but also in valleys. In High Tatras, Alps, or anywhere else.