Ganek and Rumanov Peak m
Ganek is famous for its captivating north face that finishes with even more known Ganek's Gallery wall. The route travels on Ganek's exposed south-east ridge. If conditions permit our mountain guides can also take you up Rumanov Peak which is a short detour on the descent.
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Ganek (2461 m) and Rumanov Peak (2428 m)

Client/guide: max. 3 guests

315 € / 3 guests (only in summer)
280 € / 2 guests (in winter only 2 guest)
260 € / 1 guest

Climb length: 7 – 8 h

Altitude gain: 1100 m from the Lodge at Popradske Lake

– technically challenging terrain with exposure
– good physical conditioning and some mountaineering experience

Climbing Ganek and Rumanov Peak

Ganek is located above three valleys – Rumanova, Czech, and Kacacia. Mountain guide leads the climb up an exposed south-east rib and the ascent ends with the most beautiful section – Ganek’s Gallery.

It is possible to „run up“ on the nearby Rumanov Peak on the way down, however, this depends on time available and current weather-terrain conditions.

Our guides recommend to spend the night before the ascent at the Lodge at Popradske Lake due to early start. We will arrange all necessary booking and transporation to the Lodge for you.

There are spectacular views from the summit of Ganek towards Ladovy Peak, Vysoka, and down on some seldom visited north valleys.

Climbing history of Ganek and Rumanov

Climbing interest about this peak goes back to 1870s. However, the first people that successfully conquered the highest peak on Ganek went up the classic south-east ridge on August 11, 1985 – Wladyslaw Kleczyński, Józef Gasienic and Klimek Bachleda who was famous as „the king“ of mountain guides.