Conquer High Tatras peaks with a mountain guide

Ascents and climbs of High Tatras peaks are one of the most beautiful and unique. Our mountain guiding agency offers you a variety of hikes and climbs on couple of peaks that are the absolute pride of this Easter Europe region.

We can take you even to places that are out of reach for most – all depends only on your wishes and desires.

Some Tatras peaks are not very demanding, whereas, others require at least some mountaineering experience. However, good physical conditioning is needed to conquer any of them.

Often, level of difficulty is also determined by weather and immediate terrain conditions, therefore, the better your preparedness the much higher rate of your climbs success.

The most popular climbs with a mountain guide in High Tatras are:

  •  Gerlachovsky Peak (Gerlach)
  •  Lomnicky Peak (Lomnicak)
  •  Vysoka
  •  Ladovy Peak

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